How to Shop for Vegan Groceries in a Small Town

Are you looking to eat more plant-based, but worry shopping for vegan groceries will be too difficult living in a small town?

It may seem like you have limited access to all the best products, but luckily you can find whole plant-based foods at any grocery store! Ri shows us how she eats vegan while living in a small town in Arkansas.

Ri shows us how she shops for vegan groceries in her small town in Arkansas.

“Hola, on this episode of Eatkindly With Me, I’m going to be taking you guys to the grocery store with me so you can kind of see what it’s like being vegan in small town America,” Ri explains.

“Now, when it comes to grocery shopping, it’s super easy for the most part,” she continues. “Grocery shopping is fun for me. The grocery store is like a playground.”

Ri first makes a stop at her neighborhood grocery store, Kroger, to stock up on some of her plant-based favorites. These include frozen fruits, pasta, pasta sauce, canned lentils, rice, and fresh produce.

She then makes a pitstop at Natural Grocers. Ri says the supermarket chain is a great place to shop for more novelty food items like vegan butter and sour cream. Natural Grocers is also a favorite of hers because of its bulk section. “All the seeds, all the beans, all the grains— love them for that,” she says.

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