Impossible Foods Brings Meatballs to the Frozen Aisle

impossible meatballs

Vegan meat options just got… meatier. Impossible Foods has launched a new plant-based product: meatballs. And your spaghetti never looked yummier…

Impossible Meatballs Made From Plants will be available in Walmart stores before launching to additional retailers later this year. Spotting them will be easy; Walmart is launching a dedicated section for plant-based goods in its frozen aisle featuring Impossible Foods’ products.

The vegan meatballs come pre-formed and fully cooked. Packed with 12 grams of protein per serving, they feature a flavor-packed combination of Impossible Foods’ burger and sausage meats. The vegan meatballs also contain 30 percent less sodium than their animal-derived counterparts, as well as zero cholesterol.

The production of the Impossible Meatballs is also kinder on the environment. According to the company, they require 75 percent less land and 85 percent less water and emit 90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than their animal-derived counterparts.

Impossible Foods’ vegan meats

The plant-based meatballs join Impossible Foods’ growing line of vegan meats.

“We’re innovating faster than ever and developing our products with qualities that matter most to consumers, including everything from taste to convenience,” said Ravi Thakkar, Impossible Foods’ vice president of product and commercialization. 

The California-based company launched its first product—Impossible Burger—back in 2016. Four years later, Impossible released its vegan sausage in two varieties: savory and spicy. That same year, the Impossible Sausage launched in Starbucks and Burger King before making its international debut in Asia.

This year, Impossible Foods entered the vegan chicken wars with the launch of its plant-based nuggets. After rolling them out in restaurants nationwide, Impossible Chicken Nuggets launched in retailers and on select Burger King menus for a limited time.

In September, the company launched vegan pork in select restaurants in New York and Hong Kong. Impossible is even looking to break into the dairy market, developing its own dairy-identical vegan milk. Also up next for Impossible Foods? Whole-cut plant-based meats. 

“We’re starting to work on what’s called whole muscle meats. Think about chicken breasts, think about steaks, think about something like bacon,” said Impossible Foods’ president Dennis Woodside.

“Now it’s going to take some time,” he added, “But we know we can use plants to create the same fibrous feel that those animal products have. And when we get there it’s going to be amazing.”