Fruity Cider Lovers Rejoice! Kopparberg is Now Vegan

Photo of Kopparberg Mixed Fruits cider (which is now vegan) in the water at the beach.

Kopparberg’s entire range is now suitable for vegans.

The cider maker just announced that all of its products will be vegan-friendly from now on including the popular Strawberry Lime, Mixed Fruit, and Premium Pear flavors.

The update also applies to its gin, rum, and vodka-based drinks, which join the brand’s existing vegan options: Kopparberg Alcohol-Free and Hard Seltzer. The announcement follows a short transition period, and a statement will soon be added to all new packaging.

“By ensuring our products are vegan-friendly we are simply paving the way for more people to enjoy our refreshing drinks,” said Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing at Kopparberg. “Just like our first-ever flavored cider made a lasting impression, we know that now being fully vegan will be another first that lasts.”

Is Kopparberg vegan?

While Kopparberg’s sweet, fruit-based beverages have made it one of the best-selling cider brands in the UK and worldwide, it previously used gelatine as part of the filtering process. Instead, it will now use a plant-based alternative to make sure its drinks can be enjoyed by all.

British drinkers have long debated over the vegan status of popular alcoholic ciders, which are particularly prone to sudden manufacturing and ingredient changes from year to year (we’re looking at you, Strongbow). Salvesen added that Kopparberg wants to ensure that its drinks are “accessible to as many people as possible.”

The brand’s update follows a similar announcement by fruit cider-producing competitor Rekorderlig back in the summer of 2019. (While apple cider is typically a fall drink in the U.S., UK sales drastically increase under the summer sun.)  Rekorderlig also adapted its labeling for clarity.

For those who eschew animal derivatives, alcoholic beverages can be particularly tricky to navigate, and many brands still fail to label their wine, beer, and spirits in a useful way. But times are changing. Guinness, the best-selling ale and stout brand in the UK, has been vegan-friendly since 2016. And plenty of clearly labeled and animal derivative-free wines are available worldwide.

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