The No-Brainer Gift Guide: It’s Wine

The 7 Best Celebrity-Owned Wine Brands

Buying a gift isn’t always easy. But if there’s one thing that usually lands, it’s wine. You know it. We know it. And celebrities know it, too. From the ever-growing list of celeb-owned beauty brands to A-lister-owned restaurants, Hollywood celebrities are proving their skills extend far beyond the big screen. And lately, wine is a business venture that seems to have really caught their attention, and we love to see it. Wine developed by Mýa? Yes, please. Whether you enjoy a dry Merlot or a sweet Moscato, you may be on the hunt for the best vegan wines to gift for the holidays. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Wait, so wine isn’t always vegan?

Not all wines are created equal—or vegan, for that matter. 

Many wines go through a clarification process known as fining to remove haziness. The fining process of winemaking—which filters out the sediments in wine—can sometimes entail animal products. 

Traditional fining agents can include egg whites, gelatin, milk proteins like casein, and isinglass, which is a type of collagen derived from fish bladders. 

But worry not, because many winemakers choose to omit the use of animal products in the fining process. Instead, they use the likes of pea protein, clay, or activated charcoal to filter the wine—just to name a few. Other brands choose not to fine their wines, allowing them to self-clarify and self-stabilize instead. These companies will typically label their wines as “not fined” or “not filtered”.

The best celebrity-owned wines for holiday gifting

The wine industry is booming. According to market research firm Fortune Business Insights, the wine market was worth $364.25 billion in 2019. And it’s only getting bigger. It’s projected to grow to be worth $444.93 billion by 2027. 

Whether they come from a family with a long history of winemaking or are simply entrepreneurs looking to dip their toes into a new business venture, a number of celebs are getting in on the grape action.

From actors to models and even musicians, the stars are turning to the grapevine and launching wine brands. Ready to fill your glass? Sip back and relax with these seven vegan-friendly celebrity-owned wine brands.

The 7 Best Celebrity-Owned Wine Brands
Avaline first launched last year and features a selection of white, rosé, red, and sparkling wines. | Avaline

Avaline by Cameron Diaz

Actor Cameron Diaz and entrepreneur Katherine Power launched clean wine brand Avaline in July 2020. The line features white, rosé, sparkling rosé, sparkling, and red labels—all of which are vegan. Crack open a bottle of Avaline White, which is made in Spain. The dry wine has a fresh, crisp finish. Or try the Avaline Rosé, made in France, which is light and fresh and features notes of melon and zest.

The 7 Best Celebrity-Owned Wine Brands
Longtime vegan Mýa introduced her plant-based wine brand back in 2018. | Planet 9

Planet 9 Fine Wine by Mýa

Mýa regularly speaks out about her plant-based diet. So, it’s not surprising that the meat-free, Grammy Award-winning singer launched her own vegan wine brand in 2018. Planet 9 Fine Wine by Mýa features a red cabernet sauvignon with plum infusions, reminiscent of her sultry persona. 

The 7 Best Celebrity-Owned Wine Brands
Bellissima includes a a range of organic sparkling wines, from Prosecco to rosé. | Bellissima Prosecco

Bellissima by Christie Brinkley

Model and actor Christie Brinkley is the face behind this vegan wine brand. In addition to being a lifelong vegetarian, Brinkley is an ardent environmental rights activist. The collection’s brut, rosé, zero sugar white, and zero sugar rosé wines are made with organic grapes. We’ll take one of each, please.

The 7 Best Celebrity-Owned Wine Brands
Fresh Vine Wines specializes in low carb, calorie, and sugar wines. | Fresh Vine Wine

Fresh Vine Wine by Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev and Emmy-winning choreographer Julianne Hough launched their vegan wine label Fresh Vine Wine in March of this year. The low carb, low calorie, and low sugar wines include a 2018 California Chardonnay, 2018 California Pinot Noir, and 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon. The company is also set to release a 2020 Rosé Wine this summer and a Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon in the fall.

The 7 Best Celebrity-Owned Wine Brands
Della Vite features just two wines, both produced in the Valdobbiadene region of Italy. | Della Vite

Della Vite by Cara Delevingne

Delevingne sisters Chloe, Poppy, and model Cara created this award-winning vegan prosecco brand. The range features two wines, which are made in the Valdobbiadene region of Italy: Treviso and Superiore. The brand’s name, Della Vite, means “from the vine” in Italian. And with a last name like Delevingne, which means “of the vine” in French, it seems like this vegan wine brand was meant to be.

The 7 Best Celebrity-Owned Wine Brands
The Invivo X, SJP brand includes a Savugnon Blanc and a “bright” Rosé. | Invivo

Invivo X, SJP

Best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker is also the face behind Invivo X, SJP. The vegan and eco-friendly wine brand includes a Sauvignon Blanc, sustainably made in Marlborough, New Zealand, and a Rosé made in France. The former features aromatic notes of tropical fruit and citrus, while the latter includes an aroma profile that invokes “clear rose petals and bright summer berry characters,” according to a press release. A bottle of either and reruns of Sex and the City is seriously in order.

The 7 Best Celebrity-Owned Wine Brands
Canvino, as the name might suggest, is an entirely can-based range of wines. Each variety comes in a 4-pack. | Canvino

Canvino, by Chris Carrabba

Canvino is music to our tastes buds. In 2019, Chris Carrabba, the lead singer and guitarist for Dashboard Confessional, became an investor, partner, and ambassador of this vegan wine brand. But you won’t be able to pop open a bottle of this wine. As the name suggests, the wines come in cans. Varieties include 4-packs of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc. So, crack open a cold one. Sit back. And jam out.

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