Advice from an Expert: How to Grow Your Brand Audience

LIEKINDLY CEO Jodi Monelle is hosting a Class Rebel event

Four years ago, Jodi Monelle started LIVEKINDLY as an inclusive community where anyone seeking a more sustainable lifestyle could come for resources, entertainment, and education without judgement. Today, LIVEKINDLY reaches 70 million-plus people across eight digital platforms, and sits at the heart of a collective of plant-based brands that has raised more than a half-billion dollars.

“I started LIVEKINDLY because I care greatly about our planet, and all that inhabit it,” Jodi says. “Our audience comes from all walks of life, at different stages in their journey toward eating more plant-based. They’re passionate about making a difference in this world. That’s why I created this project to become an actual movement.”

She’s also all about paying it forward. That’s why Jodi is partnering with ClassRebel — the modern-education company providing accessible, affordable courses. Earlier this year, Jodi kicked off Class Rebel’s “Building Your Million Person Movement,” a series of courses designed to provide actionable strategies for content creation, social media growth, website optimization, and more.

Back by popular demand, Jodi will be teaching “5 Things to Get You 5 Years Ahead.” It’s an hour-long intro session that complements the larger course, and outlines specific strategies for content creation, marketing, optimization, and engagement.

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