Luxury Retailer Neiman Marcus Going Fur-Free

Neiman Marcus Group to Go Fur-Free By 2023

Luxury department store brand Neiman Marcus is the latest business to completely ditch fur.

According to its parent company, the Neiman Marcus Group, all of its subsidiary shops (including Bergdorf Goodman stores and websites) will discontinue the sale of animal fur-based products by early 2023.

Currently, both department store chains combined feature a total of 22 fur salons, all of which will be closed in the coming years. Instead, Neiman Marcus will convert the salons into spaces “customized for modern luxury experiences,” as per fashion industry trade journal WWD.

“We are delivering an ultimate luxury experience for our customers and their evolving preferences,” said Geoffroy van Raemdonck, the Neiman Marcus Group’s CEO. “We are updating our assortment to feature multiple sustainable and ethical luxury fashion categories.”

Neiman Marcus Goes Fur-Free

Neiman Marcus worked closely with Humane Society U.S. on an updated animal welfare policy to align with the advocacy group’s Fur Free Alliance coalition—formed by over 50 animal protection organizations and working in more than 35 countries worldwide.

“We welcome this important policy from Neiman Marcus Group,” said PJ Smith, director of Fashion Policy for the Humane Society U.S. “The company’s fur-free pledge represents a transformational change in retail, and we applaud NMG for making progress on an issue that so many consumers care deeply about.”

The Neiman Marcus Group says it will work towards creating a varied, sustainable, and ethical selection of luxury fashion products, including synthetic and faux fur. The decision to ditch fur follows similar moves by several other leading fashion brands, including Canada Goose, Valentino, and even Saks Fifth Avenue.  

“It is clear the future is fur-free, and that includes the ultra-luxury space,” added Raemdonck. “As a leader in luxury retail, NMG has an opportunity to help build a better future for our industry.”

Luxury Fashion and Sustainability

In addition to going fur-free, Neiman Marcus announced its first-ever Environmental Social Governance Team, Strategy, and Improvements back in April. This includes investment in supply chain efficiency and a circular economy business model, in addition to increased emphasis on ethical merchandise overall.

“Now more than ever, environmental sustainability is top of mind for the fashion and retail industries,” explained Raemndonck. “It’s our responsibility to take action and address sustainability issues for our associates, customers, investors, and the future of our great company.”

Despite its move towards more sustainable materials, the company will continue to sell animal-based cashmere, leather, mohair, down, wool, and silk. Each one a fabric or fibre with a significant impact on the environment and animals, and all with extant vegan alternatives. (To learn more about the burgeoning use of mushroom leather in luxury fashion, read on here.)