Watch More Pornhub to Save the Planet

Watch More Pornhub to Save the Planet

Pornhub wants you to help save the planet.

Pornhub Cares — the adult streaming site’s philanthropic division, according to Inverse — launched a campaign and channel called BeeSexual last April.

Complete with voiceovers from adult entertainment stars, the new video channel is rife with bee porn videos. You read that correctly. Bee porn videos. Names include “How to Make a Flower Cum in Three Seconds.”

For every view of the bee porn, Pornhub will donate to bee-protecting organizations like Operation Honey Bee and the Center for Honeybee Research.

Why Do We Need to Save the Bees?

Pornhub will donate BeeSexual profits to bee-saving organizations

Bees are responsible for pollinating an enormous amount of crops — two percent of the population pollinate 80 percent of the world’s crops. According to Inverse, bee pollination is responsible for one in every three bites of food that we eat.

More than 10 years ago, colony collapse disorder depleted populations of honeybees. Together with native bees, the insect is still struggling.

Pornhub understands the severity of bee population decline, hence its new BeeSexual initiative. Vice president of Pornhub Corey Price told Inverse, “Quite simply it’s our way of giving back to our fans and the community. We want to initiate meaningful change around the world.”

“With over 110 million daily visitors, we thought our users could come together to lend a helping hand and help conserve this precious species,” he continued.

Planting Trees

Before BeeSexual, Pornhub promised to plant one tree per 100 videos streamed on Arbor Day 2014 — a campaign the site called “Pornhub Gives America Wood.”

According to The Huffington Post, the site was obligated to plant more than 13,000 trees, amounting to 1.35 million video views.

Pornhub Cares Animal Welfare Initiatives

This isn’t the first Pornhub initiative focused on saving the animals. In 2016, the site launched a campaign to save sperm whales. For every 2,000 video views, it pledged to donate one cent to a whale-focused nonprofit organization.

“Here at Pornhub, we care deeply about the environment and the preservation of wildlife,” Price said in a statement at the time.

“We’re not asking out community turn their attention to — and help save — a different type of blowhole,” he continued. “One that belongs to a majestic species that once swelled in numbers throughout the oceans before commercial industries initiated their demise.”

In 2017, it launched a “Panda Style” campaign in aid of giant pandas. The site asked people to dress as pandas while fornicating to encourage the species — near extinction — to breed. For every video of people doing it “Panda Style,” Pornhub pledged to donate $100 to panda-focused nonprofit initiatives, including the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).