Sauce Stache’s Jackfruit Vegan Fried Chicken Is Our New Addiction

Sauce Stache vegan fried chicken

In the mood for some vegan fried chicken? The following is an exclusive recipe excerpted from Mark Thompson’s (known as Sauce Stache on social media) new cookbook, Making Vegan Meat: The Plant Based Food Science Cookbook, which is available July 20.

Sauce Stache’s Jackfruit Vegan Fried Chicken

Jackfruit has always been at the top of my list of favorite meaty plants. Its texture when unripe is so close to pulled pork, it’s uncanny. But that pulled pork texture is really what got my wheels turning. We’ve used jackfruit earlier in this book, but this is the first recipe where it is the star of the show. This recipe, like most of our other chick-un recipes, can be made as nuggets or patties and is incredibly versatile. I’ve used it for chicken and waffles (bonus waffle recipe below). I’ve also used it to make a Nashville hot jackfruit. You can throw on some vegan parm or white cheese to make a pretty killer vegan parm or fry it, chop it up, and toss it into your favorite salad. This is by far one of my faovrites.

I know when I make fried chick-un breast, the one thing I always think of is chicken and waffles! I don’t know why… Haha, but I’m telling you, this. Is. Good! You’ll slow-clap after your first bite of this combo. I promise!

Sauce Stache vegan fried chicken
Serve this vegan fried chicken with a side of waffles. | Mark Thompson

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