Starbucks’ New Summer Menu Includes Vegan Cake and a Brownie Frappuccino

Starbucks New Summer Menu Includes Vegan Cake and a Brownie Frappucino

Starbucks UK just added a vegan cake option and dairy-free frappuccinos to its upcoming summer menu.

The plant-based coconut and lime cake combines sharp lime curd with vegan frosting and is topped with coconut flakes. It joins Starbucks UK’s popular mini vegan chocolate and raspberry loaf cake.

The two new frappuccinos, Chocolate Coffee Crunch and Caramel Brownie Cream, can be ordered vegan with customization. First, ask for dairy-free whipped topping and vegan milk. For Chocolate Coffee Crunch, the chocolate and caramel brittle blend should be removed, and for the Caramel Brownie Cream option, the brownie crumb and brownie brulee blend should be omitted from the drink.

Back in March, Starbucks launched the Chocolate Chip Cookie Latte — another special beverage that can be customized to omit dairy. By ordering the cookie-style latte with plant milk and omitting the crumbled topping, customers can ensure their order is vegan. It’s available until early May.

Vegan Starbucks

Also in March, the international coffee chain introduced its own nut milk blend for the first time. According to Starbucks, it combines rice, hazelnuts, and cashews for a “light,” “chocolatey,” “buttery” flavor and “silky” texture that can be foamed for hot drinks.

The new milk spent 15 months in R&D before its permanent addition to the menu. It has been specially designed to pair with Starbucks’ espresso blend. The milk contains no added sugar and is fortified with B12, B2, vitamin E, and vitamin D2.

It joins oat, almond, soy, and coconut milk on Starbucks’ EMEA menus, which also feature the recently added vegan spinach and pea falafel wrap. Late last year, the company was rumored to be introducing four different, new vegan sandwiches. It already offers a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich featuring tofu egg and coconut oil based cheese.

We will continue to innovate our food and beverage menu, offering greater variation and more delicious plant-based choices, as we work towards becoming a resource positive company,” said Rana Shaheen, the Regional Communications and CSR Manager for Starbucks Coffee MENA.

This year also saw Starbucks honor its pledge to launch oat milk nationwide in the U.S. The chain has repeatedly acknowledged that its expanding vegan menu is a direct response to growing demand for plant-based options.

We’re pleased to bring Oatly oat milk to Starbucks stores nationwide in the U.S., something our customers have asked for as they increasingly seek a variety of plant-based choices,” Luigi Bonini, senior vice president, Global Product Innovation at Starbucks, said in a statement at the time.