Stella McCartney Debuts Reclypse, Luxe Sneakers Made From Fishing Nets

Stella McCartney reclypse sneakers against a purple net background

Recycled fishing nets and old carpets may not sound like the ideal material for luxury vegan sneakers, but the new Stella McCartney Reclypse collection proves otherwise.

The brand’s Winter 2021 collection’s sneakers are the latest in a long line of sustainable designs from the company. Available in four colorways, the Stella McCartney Reclypse features recycled polyester, vegan leather, and an ECONYL lining. Made with regenerated nylon, the latter starts its life as either pre or post-consumer waste (like fishing nets or carpets, for instance).

According to the brand, the exaggerated tractor sole and sporty side details aim to give the Reclypse design an athletic feel, with a side of escapism. (The former was inspired by utilitarian hiking boots.)

It’s not the first time Stella McCartney has used ECONYL in its products. Earlier this year, it launched Stellawear, a swimwear line of bandeaus, briefs, and bandanas that also doubles as lingerie. 

According to founder Stella McCartney, she was inspired to use the material in her collections after discovering the phenomenal amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. “It’s truly shocking,” she said, before urging consumers to “buy less and buy better.” 

Stella McCartney’s new Reclypse sneakers are athletic with “a side of escapism.” | Stella McCartney

The rise of vegan sneakers made from trash

Stella McCartney isn’t the only brand to use waste to make vegan sneakers.

Earlier this year, vegan brand Nat-2, which has made footwear out of repurposed coffee grounds in the past, launched sneakers made with recycled bubble wrap. In 2020, Nike launched Space Hippie sneakers made with factory waste and recycled bottles.

John Hoke, Nike’s Chief Design Officer, said at the time: “It’s avant-garde; it’s rebelliously optimistic. Space Hippie is also an idea. It is about figuring out how to make the most with the least material, the least energy, and the least carbon.”

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Stella McCartney’s new Reclypse range will launch on August 25.