Let’s Be Real: The Super Bowl Is All About the Food

Photo shows a triptych of vegan stuffed peppers, vegan meatball subs, and vegan potato balls

Let’s be real… the best part about the Super Bowl isn’t about who’s playing or even who wins. All we care about are the commercials and the halftime show (Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J Blige, AND Kendrick Lamar?!). Oh, and all of the yummy food. Hello, neverending snacks and appetizers. Chips and dips for the win.

But nothing says finger foods quite like a plant-based stuffed pepper. And boy, do we have a few taste bud-pleasing recipes coming up for that. We’ve got a deep-fried potato version, best served with a side of dairy-free sour cream. Or snack on veggie meatballs made from black beans, mushrooms, and chickpeas. Still can’t get enough? Then behold the ultimate meatball sub, featuring Impossible’s ground burger meat, melted non-dairy provolone cheese, and marinara sauce. It’s time to get cooking.

Photo shows three vegan stuffed peppers topped with dairy-free cheese shreds positioned on a cutting board
Serve with bowls of dairy-free cheese and extra parsley. | Luce Hoser for LIVEKINDLY

Vegan stuffed peppers

Packed with spiced zucchini, tofu, mushrooms, and quinoa, these stuffed peppers are a surefire hit. Top it with as much dairy-free cheese as your heart desires, kick back, and enjoy the game. We may or may not have dreamed about how good these are.

Photo shows fried potato bowls served alongside a creamy dip
These dippable snacks are crispy on the outside with a creamy potato interior. | Ivy Miller for LIVEKINDLY

Potato balls

Potatoes? Vegan bacon? Deep-fried? Slathered in ketchup?! Need we say more? Golden potatoes are mashed up and combined with spices like paprika, nutmeg, and pepper to form heavenly, snackable balls that we may or may not be whipping up now as we speak.

Photo shows three plant-based meatball subs on Italian bread
An Italian-American classic made perfectly plant-based. | Amanda Castillo for LIVEKINDLY

Vegan meatball sub

What’s a meatball love note without mentioning the glorious meatball sub? This plant-based version features Impossible Foods vegan ground beef. Breadcrumbs serve as a binder; garlic salt, Italian seasoning, parsley, basil, and garlic give it a crave-worthy taste. Throw these meaty meatless meatballs between bread, cover them with marinara and vegan parmesan cheese, and throw it in the oven until perfectly melted. It’s the vegan meatball sandwich of your dreams…

Photo shows a plate of vegan meatballs on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese
Serve these with your favorite pasta. | Luce Hoser for LIVEKINDLY.

Vegan meatballs

These plant-based meatballs have a meaty texture and umami flavor thanks to the teamwork of black beans, chickpeas, mushrooms, and walnuts. Serve them alone own with marinara sauce or over pasta with plenty of grated plant-based parmesan.