World’s First Plant-Based Burger King Restaurant Opens This Summer

World's First Plant-Based Burger King Restaurant Opens This Summer

A plant-based Burger King location is in the works. The fast-food chain, which has outposts all over the globe, is slated to open its first vegan locale in Cologne, Germany, for a limited time. In order to craft the menu, Burger King is working in conjunction with The Vegetarian Butcher—a Dutch brand that produces plant-based meat and has history with the company. 

The plant-based Burger King restaurant is expected to run from June 7-11 and will include the chain’s range of vegan meats, like its plant-based nuggets. This limited run is also an opportunity for Burger King to launch its latest vegan menu item in Germany—the Long Chicken Patty—a breaded plant-based chicken sandwich topped with vegan mayo and shredded lettuce on a long sesame seed bun.

However, it’s not yet clear if this outpost, which is located in Cologne, will offer dairy-free cheese and vegan condiments. Still, by opening this location, Burger King is trying to show its steadfast commitment to expanding its plant-based menu.

In celebration of this first-of-its kind location, Burger King will be holding an event at the restaurant during which guests can mingle with some of the heads of Burger King Germany. Though a date for this event has not yet been announced, the attendees are expected to answer a series of questions relating to Burger King’s growing plant-based range, as well as trends within the industry. Virtual attendance will also be offered.

Vegan Food at Burger King

Burger King’s decision to open a plant-based location follows a recent series of big moves that the company has made in the vegan space. It launched The Vegan Royale last month in the UK, a vegan chicken sandwich which was also done in collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher. And, Burger King revamped its Rebel Whopper. 

As of January, the UK’s Rebel Whopper is 100 percent plant-based. While the Rebel Whopper still shares a grill with beef burgers, it now comes with vegan mayo.

So far, we have not found a way to capture the iconic flame-grilled taste of the Whopper, whilst also ensuring there is no cross-contamination of plant-based and meat products,” Burger King told LIVEKINDLY at the time. “However, we’ll always continue to try and find flavorful solutions to our cooking methods, which appeal to as many of our guests as possible.”