How to Cook Vegan Like Kylie Jenner

Collage showing Kylie Jenner in a white strapless top on a pink background with avocado toast and pasta

Kylie Jenner may be the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings, but she’s already built a business empire of beauty brands, ranging from skincare and makeup to her upcoming baby line. Recently, Jenner has taken care to ensure that her brands are cruelty-free, are made with “clean” ingredients, all while also being vegan. And when it comes to what she eats, Jenner isn’t shy of embracing her flexitarian side, opting to experiment with plant-based eating every now and then.

In July 2017, the Kylie Skin founder announced that she was intrigued by a plant-based diet. “[I’m] trying this whole vegan thing,” she shared on Snapchat at the time.

If you thought the billionaire business mogul was going to settle for some bland salads and a block of tofu, think again. In fact, she showed off some of her first vegan meals and proved that plant-based food is anything but boring. 

First up on her menu were tacos. Instead of using meat, the California native filled her blue corn crispy tortilla shells with a tasty combination of lettuce, salsa, and vegan cheddar cheese. She washed the tacos down with a refreshing smoothie.

After her tacos, Jenner stuck with the Mexican menu and shared a peek at a pile of soy-free, dairy-free, and grain-free nachos. “Mmm,” she captioned the snap. In addition to being vegan, the nachos were also raw.

And that’s not all! Mere hours after her mini Mexican feast, Jenner shared a look at a pair of vegan pizzas, which were topped with tomato sauce, vegetables, and vegan cheese. 

Even though Jenner still eats meat and dairy, she’s actually the third member of her high-profile family to experiment with flexitarianism. Her older sister Kim Kardashian sticks to a largely vegan diet while she’s at home, while the eldest Kar-Jenner sibling—Kourtney Kardashian—also loves to dine on a myriad of plant-based meals. 

How to cook vegan like Kylie Jenner

Jenner occasionally shares some of her favorite vegan recipes on her older sister Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh website. She also shares some of her meat-free creations on social media, particularly on her Instagram Stories. Jenner is fond of nostalgic yet comforting dishes that are easy to make. Here are some of Kylie Jenner’s favorite vegan recipes.

Fusilli with homemade marinara sauce

The Kylie Skin founder posted this recipe on her Instagram Stories prior to sharing it with Poosh, and it’s proof positive that sometimes there’s nothing better than a bowl of sauce-drenched noodles. The hearty sauce is made with tomatoes, onions, carrots, and celery, and it’s flavored with garlic, dried oregano, and basil. In fact, when Jenner makes this recipe at home, she often keeps things really local and uses tomatoes and fresh basil straight from her garden. Top it with plenty of vegan parm’ and a sprinkle of fresh minced parsley.

Avocado toast

While a recipe for avocado toast isn’t exactly groundbreaking, Jenner’s take on the beloved breakfast staple is simultaneously sweet, savory, and a little bit spicy. It’s made with a sourdough bread base and is topped with mashed avocado, crushed red pepper flakes, salt, and honey.

Though Jenner didn’t specify what honey she tops her toast with, make sure you pick a vegan honey option if you want to try this recipe at home.

Candied yams

On the first episode of her now-defunct YouTube series, Cooking With Kylie, the star made plant-based candied yams, which is actually one of her year-round favorites. It’s made with sliced yams that have been slathered in a sweet sauce that includes brown sugar, cinnamon, a pinch of salt, orange juice, coconut oil, and maple syrup. 

The coconut oil acts like butter, while the other ingredients flavor the yams while they cook in the oven. To top the dish, Jenner discards the excess sauce and sprinkles the remaining brown sugar and cinnamon over the yams. Lastly, she completely covers the yams with mini-marshmallows and pops the dish back in the oven until the marshmallows get golden brown.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Never overlook the classics. Jenner is apparently a PB & J pro, at least according to her boyfriend Travis Scott. Jenner quizzed her boo in a video for GQ in July 2018 and asked him to name his favorite food that she makes for him.

The Grammy winner named the sandwich immediately, though Jenner was a bit surprised by his choice. “I am a master peanut butter and jelly maker,” she shared. “I really am the best.”

According to Scott, the secret to Jenner’s superior sandwich lies in how she cuts off the crusts perfectly and then slices the bread on a diagonal. Jenner also said that she puts the “perfect amount of peanut butter and jelly” on the sandwich each time. For the record, the star only uses smooth peanut butter and grape jelly on a “certain kind” of white bread.

Celery Juice

Jenner shared her celery juice recipe on her Instagram Stories in February 2019. As you may have guessed, the naturally vegan drink is simply juiced celery. As the Kylie Skin founder noted, the beverage has many health benefits.

“I try and drink about 16 oz in the morning and wait 30 minutes before eating,” she explained. “Celery contains high amounts of vitamins C and K as well as folate and potassium. She also pointed out that there are studies that suggest celery juice can fight cancer and liver disease and reduce inflammation.

Kale salad with jalapeños and croutons

When Jenner sat down for a video with Harper’s Bazaar in 2020, she detailed everything she eats in a day. While some of her go-tos certainly include meat and dairy, one of her vegan favorites (particularly when she’s traveling) is a kale salad with chopped jalapeños and croutons. “That’s bomb,” she explained.