Pizza Hut Canada Makes Vegan Sausage Crumbles Permanent

Photo shows the vegan Beyond Meat-topped pie from Pizza Hut Canada.

Vegan sausage crumbles are coming to Pizza Hut Canada permanently.

Beyond Italian Sausage Crumbles, made from pea and rice protein, are exclusive to Pizza Hut and are available via online orders, as well as orders placed through the Pizza Hut app.

The plant-based topping first launched in May of 2021 as part of an existing partnership between Beyond Meat and Pizza Hut via Yum Brands. (Fellow Yum Brand KFC is launching KFC Beyond Fried Chicken in the U.S., also on Monday.)

Up until now, the vegan sausage has only been available at certain locations, including the greater Toronto area—Mississauga, Etobicoke, Milton, and Oakville—and Edmonton.

The meat-free option is “made with simple, plant-based ingredients and is designed to deliver the meat-like flavor and juicy texture of Italian pork sausage,” according to a press release released last year. Pizza Hut first introduced the crumbles to U.S. menus in November 2020.

Pizza Hut Canada creates three new dishes with vegan sausage

To celebrate the initial launch of Beyond Italian Sausage Crumbles at Pizza Hut Canada, the chain created three distinct new dishes—the Great Beyond, the Beyond Italian Sausage Alfredo Loaded Flatbread, and the Beyond Creamy Alfredo.

The Great Beyond is a “specialty pizza crafted with the savory Beyond Italian Sausage Crumble and paired perfectly with fresh veggie toppings,” including red onions and banana peppers. While the Beyond Italian Sausage Crumbles are vegan, the Great Beyond pizza is made with dairy cheese. The chain’s UK and Australian locations, however, both offer plant-based cheese.

The same goes for the Beyond Italian Sausage Alfredo Loaded Flatbread, which is a “crispy flatbread topped with flavor-packed Beyond Italian Sausage Crumble, roasted red pepper, creamy alfredo sauce,” and dairy mozzarella cheese.

The third menu item, which is also not vegan, is Beyond Creamy Alfredo. It’s described as a “savory pasta alfredo dish” layered with the vegan sausage pieces, onions, mushrooms, and dairy mozzarella cheese.

However, the Beyond Italian Sausage Crumbles can also be added to any existing Pizza Hut pie, including custom orders, for a vegan protein boost.

Beyond Meat’s partnership with Yum Brands!

The Yum Brands x Beyond Meat partnership, which was announced in February 2021, was designed to expand each chain’s plant-based menu offerings with flexitarian options.

McDonald’s has created a McPlant patty, which was tested in select locations in Denmark and Sweden shortly after the announcement. Additionally, after developing and testing its own proprietary plant-based beef, Taco Bell confirmed work on another option with Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat has also been making big moves aside from the Yum Brands! Partnership. The company joined forces with PepsiCo to develop vegan products that have yet to be announced, while its products are now available in nearly 120,000 retail and foodservice locations worldwide.

The California-based brand has also ramped up its retail momentum across Europe, Australia, and other global markets, in an effort to increase worldwide access to its products. To that end, Starbucks has added several options made with Beyond Meat, including a vegan pork option introduced to Chinese locations in 2020.